Don’t listen to anyone

Dear Clients, don’t listen to anyone for advice, ever.

That seems to be the advice we (in the internet/creative/web/marketing industry) are  giving out at the moment.

To help with this, I’ve compiled a list of the most common experts and good reasons you could give to a client to avoid them*:

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introducing James

Yes, I have failed. I have not made time (note I never say “had time”) to blog in the last month… which is terrible.

It’s been a busy and exciting time here at socialtech towers, we’re in the process (in case you hadn’t noticed) of re-branding all our sites and, more importantly, expanding!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce James to the team!

james williams

Name: James Williams (no relation to Luke)

Job title: Production manager = James makes tea, phonecalls and video.

Hobbies: Music and film making

I’m also really proud to say that James has reached the final (last 10) in the Vice Magazine / Kopparberg Klash artistic short film competition – see his entry over at the (unfinished) ebusiness media site

James will be representing us at Meetdraw, while I’m on holiday – please say hi!

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