Slides from #fedcomms 2011

I really enjoyed speaking at the National Housing Federation #fedcomms event yesterday, in our session there were two 15 min talks, one from me and then Jamie & Michelle from Freebridge community housing followed by a panel discussion.

Here are my slides from the event, the rest are on

The discussion was especially interesting, some good questions and I carried on some of the conversations through lunch.

I feel we covered the brief well, with only 15 mins the goal was to encourage people to start thinking about some of the issues and not to try and comprehensively cover all legislation etc

+ sorry to those that had to stand at the back!

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being a non-geek for charity

Inspired by my favourite bit of course feedback from my training session on Wed:

Excellent seminar this morning on Social Media by Luke @socialtech I’d recommend his straight forward nongeek approach (@poolefamilylaw)

…I thought I’d share with you all one of my secret special training methods…

Any time I use a “buzzy word” (yuk), technical term without explanation or unnecessary acronym… I invite my clients/audience/hecklers to point it out. I keep a score, then donate £1 to charity for each one.

On Wednesday I raised £1, this make me happy.

That makes £8 in the last few months, which I’m donating to the relief effort in Pakistan + a bit more I’ll chuck in myself.

At first it was quite hard but as time’s gone on I think this simple thing has made a big difference to my workshops.

Sssshhh don’t tell anyone, ok?

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engagement equals trust

Nationwide and Specsavers were obviously present at the last seminar I gave…

…well, maybe… both have launched campaigns about how trusted they are, and like I said, it’s an important message in the current recession (or “downturn” as the BBC likes to phrase it…)

The key message from this seminar was: engagement = trust = sales – click through to see a copy of the slides.

Social Media Marketing in my opinion, is ALL about engagement it needs to be a primary sales message for most industries to rebuild confidence and make sales.

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what we do

Apart from blogging on here and sending out the odd tweet, what does Social Tech Solutions Ltd. actually do?

We set up Startup-Meetup with a couple of associates. (A networking group for entrepreneurs, investors and online marketeers)

We’re working on a couple of (currently) secret online projects…


We offer Social Media Marketing consultancy, via web and marketing agencies.  If you’d like to know more about how we could help your business, please read our service offerings document. (PDF)

Please drop us a line if you’re a web design or marketing agency who’d like to re-sell our services, if you’re lucky we might even invite you to our new offices and treat you to some delicious cake…

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events for Jan 2009

Happy New year to all, hope you had a good festive season.

Straight back into it for us…

Jan 15th – Bomo Startup-meetup
A place, virtual and real, where people with great ideas, amazing technologies, new startups and ventures, marketing flair and an interest in investment can meet, share and build – meeting on the third Thursday of every month at Blend in Christchurch, Dorset

Facebook Group // LinkedIn Group // Website

Jan 29th – Original Thinking Seminar

I’m giving a talk on: “Realise the power of social media marketing, exploiting social networking to the benefit of your business”

Book your FREE seminar place here

Plus… we’re moving into a proper office… ooohhh… more details soon!

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