twitter favourites

A great tip for sharing the wheat and not the chaff from your twitter feed is to make use of the favourites feed – anything of interest I see on twitter, I’ll click the star to add it to my favourites.
My favourites are then published as an RSS feed, which I’ve added to the side of my blog under my twitter updates – have a look, you’ll find some interesting stuff.

I’ll add to this post a diagram of how all my RSS/twitter stuff floats around the interwebs later

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original thinking – slides

As promised, here’s a link to my slides from the original thinking event last week at Intergage.

Starting to settle into the new office, quite nice to have a 4 min walk to work!

My top tip for today (mainly because its a new feature that I’d wanted for ages) -

post notes to Facebook Fan pgaes via RSS… and/or publish them as an RSS feed back out.

No more re-posting blog entries as notes manually, or using one of the RSS apps (that never seemed to update automatically) – there’s a new option under the edit options on the fan page (see above), handy!

…and yes, I have set up a fan page for Alex’s Good Food Cafe, I liked it so much I moved into the basement

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