I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been asked to facilitate the new Magus E-business group.

Magus members “share their challenges, opportunities and issues with a group facilitator arranging the agenda and chairing the meeting.” – I’m especially excited about some of the future plans for Magus, that are more focussed on the startup side of things to be announced in the near future.

Although it is called the “E-business group” it is not aimed exclusively at those who sell on-line, but at those businesses where the significant customer relationship is on-line.

I’d like to invite anyone interested to attend the open evening on the 28th October at 630pm (for more details see here), please drop Magus (or me) a line if you would like to come along.

The slight problem –> Magus meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of the month, almost exactly where we’d planned to move startup-meetup to – I’d like to propose the 2nd Wed of the month (11th November) 5-7pm – venue ideas anyone?

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meetdraw, lunch clubs and magus

3 events to tell you about, for creative and online people of various flavours

1) Wednesday Oct 14th :: Meetdraw #3 – see website for more details, a must for any creative/internet/startup types on the southcoast.

2) Thursday Oct 15th (lunch time) :: Poole Business Womens Lunch Club – I’m delighted to of been invited to speak alongside Dr Monica Seeley (THE email doctor) on Social Networking and Online Communication.

3) Thursday Oct 15th (630pm) :: Magus Keynote Speaker Evening with Tim Kearne – Making innovation happen.

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