Bye bye Google Chrome

Like a fickle lover, I switch my allegiance back to Firefox.

Yes, I did find google Chrome to be slightly faster on most sites, but in the end I stayed because of the quick start option on new tabs (where it shows you the most popular sites you’ve vistited in a nice lazy “click on me” style!).

True to form, firefox users can add this “speed dial” plug in to get essentially the same (which is also more tweakable) functionality.

That just left my one big gripe – the lack of active bookmarks in Chrome – why? Dear Google… what made you miss this out? I’ve found my browsing less productive as I prefer to use active bookmarks to a feedreader, chrome just couldn’t hack it. When… (assuming they do?) fix it, I’ll be back to Chrome in a flash… oh yeah and it keeps hanging in youTube… a Google site… FAIL.

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Google chrome is missing RSS

Google’s web browser – Chrome

If you haven’t tried it yet, then I’d strongly suggest you do – its a fantastic web browser which is without a doubt faster than any of the others I’ve tried. (For the geeks – Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari)

How did I miss the fact it does not support active bookmarks? Wow.

Thats a big miss, not being able to view active bookmarks, no nice little icon that lets you subscribe – as is standard in all of the above.

Google – please fix this, its the only thing stopping me from moving to Chrome 100%

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