a jump for Julia’s house

I’ve wanted to do a skydive for a while now… so when my friend Dylan (1000+ jumps) offered to throw me out of a plane… who was I to say no?

As I’m already donating some of my time working with Julia’s House, I thought it made sense to try and raise some cash for them as well.

There are hundreds of children across Dorset who are suffering from life-limiting illnesses. Julia’s House is dedicated to providing love, support and help to both them, and their families ensuring they make the most of the time they have together. Read more about Julia’s house here.

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve paid for the jump – ALL FUNDS raised go to Julia’s House
(big thanks to Dylan for giving me his time and expertise for free too)

I’d like to raise £250, so anything you can give is appreciated.


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what we did on sunday

Not actually what I did on Sunday (which was travel back from London)… but a charitable project we are supporting: What we did on Sunday

Aiming to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, a group of fixed wheel cyclists are planning to ride across Europe.

We’re really proud to be providing technical support, advice and hosting to the website. I’ll post the link to their just giving page as soon as its up on their site.

In addition I’m still looking for a personal fund raising challenge for this year, having completed the Bournemouth Pier to Pier swim for the British Heart Foundation for the last 2 years – all suggestions in comments or via email very welcome.

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