The SocialTech blog has always included posts about web related events going on locally. As many of you will know, I’m passionate about creating a tech/web community in this area and I think the time is right for a blog that showcases all this stuff in one place and that was independent of agencies or specific groups.

BomoTechBlog will include all the Tech / Web / Creative events I can find out about in a handy calender, posts about cool agency projects, start-ups, awards and anything else tech / web / creative.

It’s a pet project and I’m not hoping to be the next TechCrunch/Mashable/TNW. I might include some affiliate linked ads for products I love (Capsule / Freeagent for starters) to hopefully cover the hosting, ready for when it starts getting millions of hits per month! (yeah, whatever…)

What would I like from you?


If your agency does something cool (not just a new site, but a new way of doing something), wins an award…. raises a squillion pounds for charity… please email it to the newsdesk!

If you’d like to help me write articles, I’d love to hear from you too.

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